Hiring Wine with Accenture Labs
Capstone project for Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design at University of California, Irvine exploring innovation opportunities in the wine industry.
Irvine, CA | Mar 2017 to Sep 2017
wine glass and bottle in front of mountains
The research, design and process of our capstone project was published as a thought leadership piece to inspire future innovation at Accenture Labs. We also shared our research findings with 2 beer and wine consultancies partnering with Accenture Labs to positive feedback and engagement.
The Team
tim george
Tim George
Product Manager
katie jones
Katie Jones
Research Lead
Content Strategist
steve ngo
Steve Ngo
Design Lead
aaron soto
Aaron Soto
User Testing Lead
felicia wang
Felicia Wang
Process Lead
What We Did
Our project had an extremely open-ended ask, so we spent the first 3 months doing comprehensive user research and the last 3 months generating solutions, user testing, iterating and storytelling our journey.
We also got our remote team together for a weekend-long, in-person design jam in the middle of our project to shift our focus from research to design.
post it note and stickers
How to Run a Design jam
Medium article about our experience, written by our content strategist Katie Jones
We used the Jobs to Be Done framework to articulate our research findings and focus our design work.
reasons why wine makes me confident
Finally, we told our story of discovering why consumers “hire wine” to our classmates, our professors, a room full of UX professionals and Accenture Labs.
Personal Takeaways
On this team, I made significant strides in developing my project management skills as process lead, exercised some of my visual, graphic and brand design abilities in a supporting role (which was just as interesting as leading), and really pushed my storytelling skills while designing our final presentation deck. This was also my first time applying the Jobs to Be Done framework, giving me a powerful tool that I can use on any abstract problem spaces I may encounter in the future.