Capital One Customer Platform
Designer | 2016
Mobile UX Design
Agile UX
Consumer Platforms
Accessible Design
Design Systems
Component Library
Information Architecture
User Testing
Shipped bank, credit card and platform features on Capital One’s 2 year consecutive J.D. Power Award winning mobile app.
Team Structure & Process
This was primarily a delivery and interaction design role which taught me how to design at scale for a customer-facing platform. Each platform designer supported 2 integrated scrum teams at a time which consisted of a product owner, a scrum master, a tech lead and an engineering team.
Design mockups for each feature shipped included specs for any components new to the platform design system as well as screen reader accessibility. During my year working on the mobile platform, I worked with 5 scrum teams and shipped 10+ features. Below is a selection of my work.
Features Shipped
Dispute Bank Transactions
Designed MVP feature allowing a bank customer to dispute a transaction on their mobile device and, in the event of a fraudulent transaction, automatically lock their debit card and reissue a new card to be shipped to their address.
Shipped: Spring 2017
5 screens demonstrating bank dispute actions flow
An accessibility breakdown of screen components
Screen redlines for exact component positioning and size
Lost or Stolen Credit Card, Ship to Alternate Address
Designed feature allowing a credit card customer to ship a new credit card to an alternate mailing address from the address on file via a multi-factor authentication experience.
Shipped: Spring 2017
8 screens demonstrating shipping card to new address flow
Report Credit Card Fraud on Pending Transactions
Designed feature allowing a credit card customer to report multiple pending transactions.
Shipped: Summer 2017
9 screens demonstrating fraud reporting flow