A2 Typography
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This assignment was the opportunity to focus on the variation between different typefaces and notice the nuaunces of letterforms, in developing an original composition using the student's initials. This assignment is all about compositional play, risk taking, and experimentation in form and tests endurance and resourcefulness.

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Project Process
I began the design process by making fifteen different thumbnail sketches of three types of fonts that I selected from a predetermined list: Rockwell, Garamond, and Franklin Gothic. After evaluating varying ideas explored in my thumbnails, I selected one monogram from each font and translated that piece into digital form via illustrator. The class then held a peer critique on these initially selected monograms as well as on the thumbnail sketches. Once feedback was given, I then made a second iteration of all three monograms of different typefaces and arrived at three unique designs.
Thumbnail Sketches
The most difficult obstacle to overcome between making the thumbnail sketches and rendering the monograms in Illustrator was the accuracy of the translation between the two media. As I began creating my Illustrator pieces, I realized that some of my favorite designs did not scale proportionally the way I imagined them to while drawing the thumbnails. Therefore, though some of my thumbnails received very positive critiques in comparison to my initial Illustrator images, I was unable realize some popular monograms in digital form.
Franklin Gothic