Classroom Salon β

This semester, I am undertaking an independent study which will aim to improve the user interface of Classroom Salon , an online social learning platform created by Professor Ananda Gunawardena at Carnegie Mellon University. The release of my new design is called Classroom Salon Beta and it will focus on creating concise layouts, clear navigation, and intuitive workflow for accomplishing tasks.

Classroom Salon
Salon is extraordinarily powerful, but if not presented in the right way, its many capabilities can quickly confuse and overwhelm new users.

Salon Beta's goal is to flatten the learning curve by improving upon the design of the three core aspects of Salon's interface: Layout, Navigation, and Workflow.

Layout:  Display of each individual page
• Consistency and minimalist design
• Prioritize important information
Navigation:  Accessibility of important pages relative to each other
• Links should represent intuitive connections
• Create sense of spatial direction and orientation
Workflow:  Simple step-by-step process to accomplish tasks
• Clear descriptions and divisions between steps
• Flexibility in navigating between steps
• Continuous viewer preview of work progress