Hiring Wine with Accenture Labs
Designer, Project Manager | 2017
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Capstone project for Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design at University of California, Irvine exploring innovation opporunities in the wine industry with our clients from Accenture Labs
Key Results
The research, design and process of our capstone project was published as a thought leadership piece to inspire future innovation at Accenture Labs. We also shared our research findings with 2 beer and wine consultancies partnering with Accenture Labs to positive feedback and engagement.
Product Manager, Researcher
Project Manager, Designer
Research Lead, Content Strategist
Design Lead
User Testing Lead, Researcher
Tim George
Felicia Wang
Katie Jones
Steve Ngo
Aaron Soto
Discovering Jobs to Be Done
Instead of a straightforward project brief or problem to solve, our clients’ ask was to innovate in the wine space by applying product design skills and design thinking. Before we began ideating, our team spent 3 months conducting deep research with wine consumers of all varieties, from casual house-party guests to avid enthusiasts training for their sommelier certifications. After interviewing a total of 16 participants and collecting over 50 distinct themes from our qualitative research results, we used the Jobs to Be Done framework to distill our findings into 6 distinct sub-jobs which laddered up to one, overarching Job to Be Done.
Jobs for which our research participants hire wine
I hire wine to be confident in myself
Product Design Jam
In order to shift our focus from research to product design, our team gathered together for a weekend-long mini design jam with the goal of quickly generating and testing a backlog of ideas (based on our 6 Jobs to Be Done) from which we could formulate a final prototype in the second half of our project. Borrowing heavily from Jake Knapp’s design sprint guidelines, we workshopped our way through two rounds of flare and focus exercises, followed by rapid prototyping and user testing sessions.
Medium article about our Design Jam experience, written by our content strategiest Katie Jones
Screenshot of Medium article
Interaction Design & Branding
With our design lead Steve owning the interaction design for our main prototype, I focused on creating branding materials and visual design guidelines that would marry the UX of our prototype with the spirit of our product concept Wine Scout. Inspired by our overarching Job to Be Done “I hire wine to be confident in myself” as well as several of the sub-jobs which alluded to wine as a means of growth and discovery, we wanted the Wine Scout brand to convey a sense of adventure and exploration through the often uncharted world of wine. Keeping with these ideas, I developed a bold color palette which primarily featured deep burgundy and shades of green that are reminiscent of wine bottles and their contents. In designing the Wine Scout logo, I iterated through many sketched concepts and experimented with different shapes of bottles and wine glasses until finally arriving at the sloping-shouldered bottle that fit the subtle compass design in the final logo. For our in-person capstone project fair, I created a large promotional product poster to draw the attention of wandering participants to our table where we handed out large printed cards that included contact information of our team members and a summary of our capstone project.
Wine Scout product poster for Capstone Project Fair
Poster of a wine bottle and glass in foreground of mountains and trees
Capstone team and project summary card for Capstone Project Fair
A visual summarizing the research, ideation and design approaches of the project
Headshots and contact information for each team member
Wine Scout logo: Exploratory iterations and final design
Iterations of logo featuring sloping-shouldered wine bottle posing as needle of compass
Wine Scout UX design website
Screenshot of Wine Scout website
Telling Our Story
Finally our product manager Tim and I worked together to create a narrative and slide deck for our final project presentation to our clients, faculty, classmates and potential employers.