Streaming Data at Capital One
Internal, developer-focused platform supporting enterprise streaming data solution and company-wide data transformation initiative from batch to real-time.
San Francisco, CA | Aug 2017 to Present
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In the first phase of our project, we delivered the Streaming Data MVP experience in 7 months. Before this project was launched, the Streaming Data Platform infrastructure and governance teams had been pain-stakingly walking developers through the process of creating a stream on Capital One's enterprise solution in person, one at a time. Our team designed a guided experience on Capital One's internal developer platform which automated workflows and streamlined users' understanding of the streaming enterprise solution, steps to create and consume streams, and governance compliance into one, cohesive ecosystem. A month after launch, over 300 streams were created on Streaming Data MVP company-wide enabling over 700 active users to publish and consume real-time data.
The Team
nadia moosvi
Nadia Moosvi
Product Manager
wai man tsoi
Wai Man Tsoi
Tech Lead
felicia wang
Felicia Wang
Lead Designer
elisabeth chin
Elisabeth Chin
UX Designer
What We Did
We kicked off the Streaming Data MVP project by taking several weeks to learn the context of the Streaming Data Platform within Capital One, set expectations with our tech and product partners, establish our stakeholders, and define our goals and success metrics. We also collaborated on the project roadmap early in the process to ensure that all lines of work accounted for their corresponding dependencies.
Once we had achieved a proper understanding of the project landscape, we learned about our users (primarily developers) by conducting empathy interviews and user tests on some very preliminary mockups. We also mapped out the underlying technology ecosystem and processes that supported our user touchpoints on several different service blueprints.
service blueprint made with sticky notes
We created several iterations of service blueprints. The first helped us understand how user touchpoints interacted with different layers of our technology. When we started envisioning the UX we wanted to build, we service blueprinted the end-to-end user flow to ensure that the experience was technologically sound.
After organizing our initial user research findings into themes, design guidelines and loosely defined personas, we iteratively designed, user tested and revised our first mockups for the MVP experience in phases.
As we solidified pieces of our MVP mockups, we iteratively handed off designs to our development team to build our experience on Capital One's internal developer platform. By following our project roadmap and communicating openly with our developers, we were able to quickly and effectively build both the Streaming Data MVP and a lasting, symbiotic partnership with our engineering team.
collaborative whiteboard
Much of our success was a result of our multi-disciplinary team's completely integrated collaboration model. By being transparent and supportive of each other, product, tech and design formed an effective partnership focused on achieving common goals.
We also supported our product partners by helping them shape our internal product marketing messages, engaging in Streaming Data brand efforts, and providing design work for presentations and marketing materials.
As Streaming Data MVP came to life on our internal developer platform, our effective collaboration between product, design and tech partners was noticed by senior stakeholders at the company. To communicate our teamwork, process and impact more broadly, we gave a tour of our project “war room” to our Executive Vice President and his leadership team.
To prepare for launch, we defined usage metrics and a user testing plan to compare quantitative and qualitative measures of our results against our original goals for Streaming Data MVP.
Finally, Streaming Data was launched at the end of February 2018, helping Capital One take a big step in its initiative to operate on real-time data.
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Streaming Data mockups and internal materials fall under Capital One's non-disclosure agreement and cannot be distrubuted publicly. However, I'm happy to show and speak to more of my work on Streaming Data in private portfolio reviews.